Ivan Martin is volunteering as a speaker to help Positive Money

We are enthusiastic about helping other charities and in June 2012 Ivan Martin is volunteering as a speaker to help Positive Money. Positive Money is a movement dedicated to reform of the banking and money system : the misuse of money has been responsible for fragmentation of communities and increasing levels of unmanageable debt and unemployment. In addition, overseas poverty has been exacerbated by the banking crisis which began in western economies.

The MCT is engaged in researching formation of a credit union for students of Queen’s University in Belfast. We seek to work with an existing credit union in the area to provide students of Queen’s University Belfast with a service including money management, education, budgeting and short term loans with reasonable interest rates. Done competently this can transform the situation for some of the next generation of workers. The MCT believes that work is good, employment helps community and responsible use of money enables strengthening of communities.

Also in June 2012 the MCT is hosting a fundraising 7- a- side soccer competition. This is with a view to raising funds for building a biodome, with aquaponics to grow fruit and vegetables symbiotic with a fish farm for further creative and self-sustaining healthy food projects.

The MCT aspires to support mission and alleviation of poverty abroad.  We also aim to send our own mission expedition to southern Africa at some stage in 2012.

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