MCT host N.I. Christian Dental Fellowship Regional Day

On 31st May 2014 we had the honour of providing the venue and content of the Northern Ireland branch of the Christian Dental Fellowship Annual Regional Day.

After an extensive restoration project to convert the Potato House into the Conference Studio,we were delighted to host around 30 dentists and family and others there.

God graciously provided a tremendous warm sunny day and thanks to the directing and signposting efforts of Dr.Helen Douglas,Secretary of NICDF,the attendees reached Knockvale without deviating around the beautiful South Down countryside.

The Conference began around 11.00 am and Dr.Richard McBride contributed some vital technical skills to the presentation. Not solely expert in RCT technicals evidently Richard!

After a brief introduction by Dr.Ivan Martin, Richard proceeded to present his dental mission projects in Romania and also in Africa.It was interesting to hear of some of the logistical and character qualities involved in serving in foreign cultures.This was the “M” for mission part of the MEEK in dentistry presentation.

Mr. Tom Dick,Chairman of the Vision of Good Hope Moldova,then gave an enthusiastic explanation of the work that was being carried out in Moldova via the Vision of Good Hope Charity Shops,one of which is in nearby Rathfriland.This tied in very neatly with the previous presentation and the option of any of the dentists present with an interest in helping out with dental treatment at the orphanages was given.This covered the “K” for kindness part of the MEEK in dentistry presentation.

We were treated to a fantastic lunch provided by Helen(really Helen Gordon Ramsey may have his position challenged) and her mother inside Ivan’s house.After some socialising and catching up,the afternoon session continued at 2.00.

Pastor John Herron of Newry Metropolitan Tabernacle gave a well-spoken and good humoured presentation of Evangelism within the context of evangelism in dentistry(the “E” of MEEK in dentistry).

The finale was by Ivan who talked of his undergraduate dissertation in researching genetic and environmental variables in mesiodistal and buccolingual dimensions of teeth.This helped to illustrate how populations can be adapted very quickly to their environment via prenatal diet,reinforcing creationist models of human origins and young earth theories.Thus covering the last “E” of education in MEEK in dentistry.

Final prayer and thanks was given by Helen and socialisation contined in the afternoon long after the Conference end.All involved had a very enjoyable day.

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