Who Is Involved

President and founder Ivan Martin:

Ivan with Wilson Archer at Queen's University Belfast planning a credit union.

“Hello there. I’m Ivan – the name means ‘God is gracious’. I have been privileged to serve with a number of different charities since I qualified as a dentist. This included helping refugees in Serbia, vocational training for street children in India, giving dental treatment in Nigeria and the Phillippines, and helping at an orphanage in Kenya. I really wanted to use the skills that God graciously gave me to the absolute maximum to benefit others, and so God gave me the vision to set up the MEEK Community Trust. The MCT is all about people and community. I love to work with people face-to-face, and I love to see people working well together. I am fascinated with the talents that lie in all of us. I sought to glorify the resurrected and victorious Lord Jesus Christ by bringing often hidden skills in people to the surface. It’s all a lot of fun!”


Ivan with Counsellor Alwin Graham

The following have contributed in a wide range of diverse ways and arenas, to the formation and activity of MCT;

  • Graham Jennings
  • Ian Ferguson
  • Timothy Rea
  • Aaron Cochrane
  • Paul Witchalls
  • Sarah Jennings
  • Neil McConville
  • John Brannigan
  • Jamie Calvert
  • Pastor John Scott
  • Pastor Dennis
  • Chris Whitney
  • Tim Fegan
  • Billy Poarch
  • Derek Newman
  • Todd Owens
  • Brian
  • John King
  • Nathan Jennings
  • Philip Craig
  • Lorna Jennings
  • Hugh Woolsey
  • Jamie Stoddart
  • Raymond Shilliday
  • Erica Smith
  • Jessica Lewis
  • Pastor Kelly Medders
  • Aldo Mondin
  • Victoria Medders
  • Marcia Medders
  • Kaitlin Medders
  • Ian Vicera
  • James Williams
  • Scott Jackmore


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